At the Hinterlands of Paris
durational performance and poetry

Anne de Marcken & jen calkins


We started this project in the summer of 2019, when we decided to excavate the emotional core of “Paris When it Sizzles: What Agenda 21 Can Tell Us About the Likely Success of The Paris Agreement,” a law review article published by Jennifer in The Washington International Law Journal in 2018. The paper is a 54-page analysis of the Paris Climate Agreement but embedded within it is the grief and fear and fundamental grappling work we had been doing with each other, in conversations where we wrangled with our attempts to face the untenable thing that is the climate crisis.


To initiate the work, we devised “Paris Chopped & Screwed,” a five-hour interactive performance staged at the University of Washington’s 2019 &NOW Fall Convergence. Pushing off from this initial disruption of the legal document, we then each worked independently throughout the pandemic on poems and images that came together in a book.

Alongside the work we do in solitude and with each other are the opportunities we are staging with others, in person, and virtually.