This is a site of immanent encounter and uncanny absence. 

We imagine a redemptive potential in lyricism, video, imagery, community and in work  itself, jen calkins & Anne de Marcken opened this space using conceptual, material, textual and oracular processes to discombobulate the legal / political / social discourses  surrounding climate change through an ongoing process-based rewrite of “Paris When it Sizzles,” Calkins’s 2018 article about the Paris Agreement published in the Washington International Law Journal.


Out of this emergent project we are sharing spaces with others who themselves are engaging humans and other beings, the climate crisis, and our bodies in the world 


People who've brought their works to this project include:

Madeline Bassnett     Teresa Carmody     Molly Fitzjarrald     Lou Florez

Marilyn Freeman     Summer J. Hart    Anastasia Maier 

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